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This means that your employment must be limited and not exceed the 9 months you are allowed to work during your working holiday stay. What are you allowed to do with a Danish residence permit for a Working Holiday — and what are you not allowed to do? Danish lessons. With a residence permit in Denmark, you are entitled to partly user paid Danish lessons.

However, you must have turned 18 years and have your Danish address registered in the Danish National Register. Your municipality of residence is obliged to offer you Danish lessons and refer you to a language center. If you have not been offered Danish lessons within a month after registering your address in Denmark, you can contact your municipality.

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You will be taught together with other foreign nationals who have arrived in Denmark recently. Additional information. If you are going to stay and work in Denmark, there are a number of things to acquaint yourself with. Depending on your personal situation, you might need other important information and options. The portal lifeindenmark. Public benefits. You must be able to support yourself during your stay. Therefore, you are not allowed to receive benefits under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act, study grants or housing benefits.

If you receive such benefits during your stay, your permit can be revoked — and you will lose the right to stay in Denmark. If an authority, e. You can see a list of benefits that you are not allowed to receive here. Working Holiday stay. You can be granted a Working Holiday permit to stay in Denmark for up to one year. The residence permit cannot be extended to exceed 1 year. Shorter validity because your passport expires. A residence permit can only be valid until 3 months before the expiry date of your passport. If your passport has a shorter validity than the otherwise possible period of stay, your residence permit will be shortened.

This means that the validity of your residence permit will be shorter than it could be. When you have renewed your passport, you can apply for an extension of your residence permit — however, this can only be done 3 months before your permit expires at the earliest. Read more about the passport requirements.

Shorter validity because your insurance expires. The permit can only be granted until the date to which your insurance is valid. If your insurance does not cover you for a full year from the approval date of your permit, your permit will be shortened. You can apply for an extension of your residence permit when you have taken out a new insurance.

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Shorter validity because the departure date on your return ticket is sooner than a year. If you have submitted a return ticket with a departure date sooner than 1 year from the validity date of your permit, your permit will be shortened. If you buy a new return ticket, you can apply for extension of your residence permit with up to 1 year from your date of entry into Denmark. If you are in Denmark when submitting your application, you must be here legally.

More about legal submission here. You must be a citizen of one of the countries that have made Working Holiday agreements with Denmark.

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SIRI does not charge a fee when you submit the application. You can choose between an online form and a paper form. Please note that, as a rule, SIRI will refuse your application for a residence permit on new grounds, if the application is submitted prematurely in relation to the wished for start date for your stay in Denmark. If you submit such an application earlier than 6 months before your stay in Denmark will begin, you can expect a refusal to your application. If you have paid SIRI's case processing fee, you will not receive a refund of the fee. SIRI will contact you if we need further information to process your case.

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It is important that you have carefully read the conditions for being granted a residence permit before you begin step 1. Gather documentation. It is a good idea to gather the necessary documents before you start to complete the application form. You can use the check list below. If you submit documents not written in English, German, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, you must also submit certified translations into Danish or English.

Complete the application form. You can choose between an online form and a print form. It is best to use the online form as it is both safer and more efficient. Make sure that you have completed all the preceeding steps before you begin. All our application forms contain careful instructions on how to complete the form and what kind of documents you must submit along with the form. You can read more about how we process your personal data here.

Use the online form WH1. If your choose the printable application form WH1, you can choose between Word-format and pdf-format. The printable application form in Word format can be completed on screen before you print. The application form in pdf format must be printed first and then completed by hand.

You must submit the necessary documentation with the application form. Download the printable form WH1 Word format. Download the printable form WH1 Pdf format. Submit the application.

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If you have applied online, your application has already been submitted. Read more about having your biometrics recorded in the next step. You are are submitting the application abroad. The application can be submitted to a Danish diplomatic mission or an application centre in the country where you are residing. In certain countries Denmark does not have a diplomatic mission or application centre. In these instances the list will refer you to one of the Norwegian missions with which Denmark has made an agreement or to the nearest Danish diplomatic mission or application centre in the region.

The individual diplomatic mission can have additional requirements regarding payment of additional fees, submission of additional passport photos or additional copies of the application. You are submitting the application in Danmark. If you are residing legally in Denmark, you are normally able to submit the application in Denmark.


This is the case, if you:. Read more about the legal residence requirement and submission of your application in Denmark. If you live outside the Greater Copenhagen area, you can also submit the application at a local police station with facilities for recording biometrics. See a list of local police stations, where you can submit your application.

You can also send the application to SIRI. When you apply for a residence permit, you must have your biometric features recorded.

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This means that you must have a facial photo taken and your fingerprints recorded. The facial photo and your fingerprints will be stored on a microchip embedded in the residence card, which will be issued to you if you are granted a permit. If you do not agree to have your biometric features recorded, your application will be rejected.

This means that your application will not be processed. If you have submitted an online application form, you must have your biometric features recorded no later than 14 days after you submitted your application. If you are unable to have your biometric features recorded within the time limit of 14 days, because you are unable to book an appointment at a Danish diplomatic mission, you can inform us by email of the appointed time you will have your biometrics recorded.