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One man, a paranoid schizophrenic, paints beautiful images of birds and animals for a living. A group of elderly women sit in a room, chopping vegetables that will eventually be packaged for a firm that retails to supermarkets chains and grocery stores.

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One woman finds solace and livelihood in block printing. Others are part of a self-help group that maintains a roadside cart selling tasty rice dishes at Rs10 a pop. Each of them is trying to unite a mind that sometimes plays tricks on them with the reality of their everyday lives. Mental health is very personal to her.

I used to cut myself as a teenager. Work gives me sanity. In video interviews, many available on YouTube, Vandana, who is magnetic—if edgy—in person, speaks passionately about the people who end up at The Banyan. There was a disturbed woman from Ahmedabad who was reunited with her family after decades. Physical abuse is common.

This is the world that Vandana inhabits.

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The lows help me understand the depths of suffering, which hugely help my clinical work. There are two Vandanas, it seems. There is the Vandana who comes alive while talking about mental health issues, about marginalized people, about basic human rights, and about equal opportunities for all. The two met at one such party. Senthil also happens to be the grandson of legendary Tamil film producer, A.

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Meiyappan, whose AVM Productions was a banner with which many Tamilians, including this writer, grew up. Senthil is also on the board of The Banyan. Senthil began as a volunteer for The Banyan, setting up their email system, then became a donor, then board member and finally husband of the co-founder. Once she has achieved what she set out to, she expands the realms of what she wants to do and goes after it.

There is no satisfying her desire for change. TVS holds all the shares. Arathi has the measured, moderate air of someone who must manage multiple stakeholders, ranging from 10, factory workers to older colleagues who have literally seen her grow up. But she is also oddly candid. She is open about her vulnerabilities and has an uneasy relationship with the spotlight. Srinivasan, a board member who has been affiliated with Sundram Fasteners since inception.

On the other hand, you have to project authority and earn the respect of senior people who are doyens in the field and have been with the company for decades. To make things worse, Arathi was not well-versed in either engineering or manufacturing. To say that Arathi carries the burden of an illustrious family name is an understatement. That is pretty easy to do. But how do you engage with your family at home when there are fires burning in the office? That is harder. If you ask our children, they will have absolutely no idea about the crises in her work.

She was just 22 years old when she founded The Banyan along with her friend, Vaishnavi Jayakumar.

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  • Dr. Krishna Kumar's work eased the pain of people around the world.

The sight of a naked, homeless woman with mental health issues, foraging through garbage bins in search of food proved the starting point. The duo tried to rehabilitate the woman, before discovering that care for people with mental health issues in India had many broken links. Powered by the zeal and idealism of youth, the two decided to start The Banyan. Within a few years, J. Jayalalithaa, then chief minister, gave them land in Kovalam where they built a facility that would eventually service an , population with mental health issues. At such a young age, too.

Vandana has both vision and passion, she is my hero. Running a mental health NGO is arguably harder than one dealing with toilets or sanitation or education or employment. It had been a unique and memorable experience working for the disaster affected people of high Himalayas surmounting numerous odds and difficulties. In fact, there was a perceivable positivity in the atmosphere during the Camp right from its inception till end. The enthusiasm, joy and happiness was contagious and pervasive. Back in Chennai, the experiences of the team members have been received with much admiration and awe, prompting many more to volunteer for similar missions in future.

The talks are already on for the next camp. So much so for the good Samaritans from distant lands.

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Here are the contact details of some of the main participants in this cause if you would like to know more: 1. Joby Joseph — jobyjoseph yahoo. Capt Ramkumar — aaram gmail. Krishnakumar — skrikumar gmail. Jayashree Narasimhan — nara. Jothishankar P — jothi65 hotmail. Jayakumar Reddy — dr. Maj RS Jamnal — Dr Jayakumar Reddy treating a newborn child. Joby Joseph has been working in the Defence sector for the last 22 years and been long associated with people of Garhwal Himalayas. He keenly follows the social and developmental sector in Uttarakhand. Currently he is working in a remote area in Assam.

Listen to our new podcast. Privacy Careers Advertise Contact Menu. Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube. Get the best positive stories straight into your inbox! Only stories you love. No spam. Topics Shop Better. The time of action was a pleasant dusk. In many ways, the film is the story of Radha, Krishna, and Rukmini. And yet, some of the biggest Krishna temples in India do not enshrine the image of Radha. Astrologer Sushil Awasthi on Saturday said that several legends and rituals were attached with Holi. Two Puranas, the Bhagavata Purana and the Vishnu Purana, contain the most elaborate telling of Krishna's story, but the life stories of Krishna in these and other texts vary, and contain significant inconsistencies.

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At this time a large crowd gathered to see the American devotees, perhaps for many of them the first time they has ever seen foreigners worshipping Radha A story of Krishna and Radha told by Paramahansa Yogananda, printed in the book 'The Divine Romance', his collection of lectures. To know more about the book, I did an interview with Author Dr. It is also the best selling book of that time.

See how pure was the friendship of Krishna and Sudama.