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Black Hand's origin was rewritten in the Secret Origin storyline of Green Lantern , and further enhanced in the Blackest Night storyline. In his updated origin, William Hand's parents run a coroner 's office and funeral home , the logo of which is the same symbol William eventually adopts at the beginning of his criminal career.

While still a young boy, Hand is shown as having a severe preoccupation with death and the dead that includes implied necrophilic tendencies.

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No particular trauma or event seems to have inspired this; even as a toddler, William is deeply fascinated by death and dead people, calling them "pretty". It is implied that his first kiss was with a corpse.


At first William tries to control his urges by engaging in taxidermy ; however, his hobby becomes a source of concern after he kills the family dog in pursuit of his favored pastime. From this point forward William is sent to various psychologists for the remainder of his life with the Hand family.

William simply shrugs off every attempt to "cure" him, learning how to hide the most prurient manifestations of his necrophilia and accept the role of the "black sheep. As part of his newly written background, his energy-absorbing weapon is now portrayed as being built by Atrocitus , a fervent enemy of the Guardians of the Universe. Atrocitus comes to Earth looking for the being who will coordinate the events that come to be known as the Blackest Night ; that being is revealed to be William Hand. Atrocitus locates and attacks Hand, believing the black power literally lies within his body.

Atrocitus is stopped by Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Sinestro , while Hand encouraged by a strange voice pockets the weapon and flees the scene.

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When he is confronted by a security guard, he uses the weapon to kill him, after which saying to himself, the dead was good. The mysterious voice that tells Hand to steal Atrocitus' weapon for himself traps him under its thrall and influences him into resenting the Green Lanterns. As beacons of light, they upset the perfect balance of darkness and death. Trying to extinguish the light of willpower but unwilling to fight Green Lantern as an " average joe ", Hand sews himself a costume using a family cadaver pouch and begins calling himself "Black Hand".

Jordan apparently never connects William and his energy-absorbing weapon to his earlier fight with Atrocitus believing it to be an original creation. Never revealing his weapon's true origin, Black Hand continues to fight him over the years, always retreating to a desecrated grave after each failure. There, he lies with the corpses, hoping for peace and release.

The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 100 Years Ago

While being transported to prison, Black Hand experienced a sudden power surge that killed his guards and began having visions of the dead planet Ryut and the Black Power Battery. After the visions he roams the desert, hearing "Death" calling to him. While these events unfold, the Guardian Scar arrives at the Hand house. She pronounces that the self-sacrifice "pleases him" and regurgitates the first Black power ring, which reanimated Black Hand.

She reveals that Hand is the physical embodiment of death, in the same manner that Ion is for willpower, Parallax is for fear, and the Predator is for love. Hand then announces that he will use his new power to finally extinguish the light.

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Black Hand later spies on Hal Jordan and the Flash as they pay their respects at the unmarked grave of Batman. After the two heroes depart, Black Hand digs up Batman's corpse and, speaking his own oath, begins the process of recruiting the deceased hero;. While holding Bruce Wayne's skull, Black Hand tells the mysterious force behind the Black Lanterns residing in Sector that no one escapes death. Hand enters the room and proclaims that Hawkman and Hawkgirl will not escape death this time.

Two black rings fly out of Batman's skull and Hand commands the two fallen heroes, by name, to rise. When the Black Lantern's power levels finally reach one hundred percent, the Black Power Battery teleports itself to the outskirts of Coast City, right on top of the Hand Mortuary. Black Hand watches in delight as Nekron finally rises, and more black rings recruit the bodies of the people who perished when Coast City was destroyed. When Barry Allen attempts to attack Nekron, Black Hand steps in, using Batman's skull as an "emotional tether" to weaken the heroes, inspiring such an intense emotional reaction that Nekron is able to release a new wave of black rings to 'recruit' the resurrected, such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow [18] ; Jordan and Allen only just escape the same fate when Allen takes them both two seconds into the future to disrupt the rings' connection to them [19] The Black Lantern Corps are ultimately defeated when the White Entity is used to convert several Black Lanterns into White Lanterns before bringing Black Hand back to life when a white ring attaches to him, reviving him and forcing him to regurgitate several white rings, freeing the Anti-Monitor and destroying Nekron's physical form due to Hand serving as Nekron's tether to this plane of existence.

He is later seen held in captivity by the Indigo Tribe , chained to the tribe's trademark power staff. From Blackest Night 2, a back-up feature entitled "The Book of the Black: The Burned-In Thoughts of William Hand" is shown, chronicling Black Hand's childhood memories, and his own personal opinions regarding each of the seven colors of the Emotional spectrum. In the end, his thoughts of the Indigo Tribe turn out to be a scream after his capture, hoping to be released from the Tribe's captivity; but much of the text is in the Tribe's language, thereby remaining indecipherable, except for a few names and four translated phrases.

Black Hand is later revealed to be in an unknown location on Earth somewhat trapped inside of Proselyte, the compassion entity, as the members of the Indigo Tribe gather around them.

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This prompts the others to realize that, with their rings, the Indigo Tribe cannot feel any emotion besides compassion. Hal implies that given Hand's role in the Blackest Night, other Indigo Tribe members may have committed evil deeds in the past. Although the Indigo Tribe offer to take the remaining emotional entities into protective custody, Hal rejects the offer, concluding that he cannot trust them in the search for the entities with this new information. Then the being responsible for abducting the emotional entities appears with Parallax , proclaiming that any who feel emotion cannot be trusted.

Black Hand confronted the currently-imprisoned Hal Jordan on the Indigo Tribe homeworld, the Tribe having abducted Hal and Sinestro, now a Green Lantern once again, with the intention of converting Sinestro into one of the tribe. He lays out his plan to kill and reanimate as many people as possible, reanimating his victims as undead murderers. The Guardians intervene, charging him up - which apparently grants him enough power to kill both his adversaries - before teleporting him in the Chamber of Shadows for unknown purposes "until he is needed".

When Black Hand was imprisoned in the Chamber of Shadows, he reanimated the elder Oan who was killed by the Guardians for information about where the Guardians have put him in, but is only told that the First Lantern is a danger for the universe. Some time later, a black ring was able to revive Black Hand back on Earth once again, albeit in a slightly vulnerable state. Yet with the heroes of the world missing or dead, Black Hand wandered through the city as it is engulfed in riots, raising up dead people as zombies. Blaming Hal Jordan for all that happened to him, he finally makes his vendetta against the Green Lantern a lot more personal as he goes to the place where Hal's father, Martin Jordan, is buried and raises him and all the corpses in the cemetery.

Black Hand removes one of his own hands and takes one of Martin's hand in its place, hoping to kill Hal Jordan with his father's own hand. Following the Forever Evil storyline, Black Hand raises a dead circus and raises the dead crowds to watch the stunt performers die. Hal Jordan interferes, but is not here to fight him and asks to ally themselves against the New Gods of New Genesis.

Black Hand agrees to aid him and sends the dead people to return to their graves.

Did Franz Ferdinand’s Assassination Cause World War I?

In the battle, Black Hand unleashes the spirits of the fallen Green Lanterns to the ensuing battle against the New Genesis soldiers that occurs near the Source Wall. Black Hand stops the battle as the New Genesis soldiers surrounded them. He smirks to see the Source Wall was a mass grave. Suddenly, Black Hand's powers were being effected with the horde of the Source Wall that are being subsequently resurrected by the leader of New Genesis, Highfather, and his misuse of the Life Equation and his arms were being turned to stone.

He blames Hal for his plight and fled to deep space via the Boom Tube. In the aftermath, Black Hand was unable to raise the dead due to effects of the Source Wall. The decision to kill the Archduke was apparently initiated by Apis, and not sanctioned by the full Executive Committee assuming Apis was involved at all, a question that remains in dispute [18]. Those involved probably realized that their plot would result in war between Austria and Serbia, and had every reason to expect that Russia would side with Serbia.

They likely did not, however, anticipate that the assassination would start a chain of events leading to World War I. Others in the government and some of the Black Hand Executive Council were not as confident of Russian aid. Russia had let them down recently. He may have made a half-hearted attempt to intercept the young assassins at the border, but they had already crossed. Other sources say the attempted 'recall' was only begun after the assassins had reached Sarajevo.

This 'recall' appears to make Apis look like a loose cannon, and the young assassins as independent zealots.

Iran's Banksy: 'The walls in my city are the canvas for my paintings' | World news | The Guardian

In fact, the 'recall' took place a full two weeks before the Archduke's visit. The assassins idled around in Sarajevo for a month. Nothing more was done to stop them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Serbian secret military society. This section needs expansion with: events occurring in the long time span between the described regicide and the events of the next subsection.

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