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Aplocheilus lineatus (striped panchax)

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Aplocheilus Lineatus

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  • KILLI-DATA ONLINE - Aplocheilus lineatus, information snapshot (Cyprinodontiformes, Killifishes).
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  • Giant Gold Panchax Aplocheilus lineatus 4-5cm.
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  • JOHNNY ANGEL: Book Four in a series of four.

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Werner's killifish (Aplocheilus werneri) & Striped Panchax (Aplocheilus lineatus)

Save Cancel. Send a request for permission. Close Request. Edit Cancel. Add Resources. Synonyms Synonym. Aplocheilus affinis Jerdon, Aplocheilus lineolatus Freund, Aplocheilus rubropictus Stansch, Aplocheilus rubrostigma non Jerdon, Aplocheilus vittatus Jerdon, Aplochilus lineatus Valenciennes, Haplocheilus lineatus Valenciennes, Haplochilus lineatus Valenciennes, Haplochilus rubropictus Stansch, Haplochilus rubrostigma non Jerdon, Panchax lineatum Valenciennes, Panchax lineatus Valenciennes, Panchax rubrostigma non Jerdon, Almost all males Somewhat male heavy Roughly equal Somewhat female heavy Almost all females.

In general, how difficult is Aplocheilus lineatus to keep and breed? Very easy Easy Average Difficult Very difficult. How successful have you been at breeding Aplocheilus lineatus? Very unsuccessful Fairly unsuccessful Average Fairly successful Very successful. Breeding Report : Aplocheilus lineatus.

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Water conditions: Neutral , o C. Water conditions: Moderately soft and acidic , o C. Other Comments: Reluctant to breed until the water level was lowered. Mine were induced to breed in a water level of 7". Other Comments: In leave the eggs in with the adults in a community tank. The eggs are always laid on the roots of water sprite. The fry that make it to a little under 1" are then moved to various other tanks. Males are somewhat agressive towards each other. Other Comments: fed on blood worm and flake cart stop fish breeding have to remove adults from one other for a rest.

Other Comments: Almost zero fry mortality. Eggs were picked from roots of a dwarf umbrella palm. They were placed in a shallow jar of water. Hatching took place in about 2 weeks. Fry were transferred to outdoor pond flowing with cyclops and daphnia and left to grow. Size of a pinto bean achieved in 2 months.

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