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Within those academic research areas that focus on topics related to agriculture or ecology such as agronomy, veterinarian science, environmental science, and others, there is much debate regarding what model of agriculture or agroecology should be supported through policy.

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Agricultural departments of different countries support agroecology to varying degrees with the UN being perhaps its biggest proponent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The study of ecological processes in agriculture. Conceptual illustration of agribusiness vs agroecology. Main article: Agroecology in Latin America.

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Agroecology as a science, a movement or a practice. A review.

Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. Agroecosystem analysis.

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Agricultural Administration, 20, Science Publishers Inc. Haworth Press, Binghamton, NY, p. New Directions in Agroecology Research and Education. University of Wisconsin-Madison. A quantitative and qualitative historical analysis of the scientific discipline agroecology. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 7 1 : Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved The ecological basis of alternative agriculture.

Agroecology: the scientific basis of alternative agriculture. Agroecological foundations of alternative agriculture in California. Agroecology and Health: Lessons from Indigenous Populations. Current Environmental Health Reports. Ann Arbor: Sleeping Bear Press, Crop ecology and ecological crop geography in the agronomic curriculum.

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Verlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey, Berlin, Germany, and pp. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena, Germany, pp. Agriculture and Human Values. Biodiversity and Indigenous Agroecology in Amazonia.

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The Political Ecology of Biodiversity. DPhil Dissertation, University of Oxford. Published in English and Chinese. Agribusiness Agricultural supplies Agricultural science Agricultural engineering Agroforestry Agronomy Animal husbandry Animal-free agriculture Contract farming Extensive farming Farm Free range Intensive farming animals pigs crops Mechanised agriculture Organic farming Permaculture Sustainable agriculture Universities and colleges Urban agriculture.

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Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with global movements of small scale producers who take ownership of agroecology in the Nyeleni declaration. See Press release and Report. The practical implementation of agroecology on the ground offers farmers and peoples a real alternative, even in countries where governments or national policies are strongly in favour of industrial export-oriented agriculture.

For agroecology to achieve its full potential, there must be equal distribution of power, tasks, decision-making and remuneration between men and women. Our agroecology projects also have a particular focus on gender justice. For example, they sustain traditional knowledge about the diverse uses of locally-found plants for nutrition and health. Yet they are consistently denied access to land, and technical and financial assistance.

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Seed varieties have been nurtured, cultivated and conserved for hundreds of years by peasants. We support their demands to freely use, exchange and sell seeds from their own harvests. Native and traditional seeds are a priority and we help to protect and revive traditional knowledge about seeds and foods. We work with food producers to improve livelihoods and nutrition and we work with forest communities and indigenous peoples to rehabilitate forests.

This stops control by big corporations, and promotes self-governance by communities based on solidarity, ethical production and consumption. It is also a powerful way to reconnect people to their food systems. Many Friends of the Earth International member groups are working with communities to resist land grabbing for industrial food and biofuel crops, and campaigning for national laws that allow communities greater control over their land. Agroecology provides a dignified and sustainable alternative livelihood for communities devastated by industrial plantations, mining, dams or other mega projects.

Resistance to factory and livestock farming is also growing. Our groups are stopping factory farms and changing consumer behaviour on meat eating as well as promoting grass and pasture-based systems that work in harmony with nature, while reducing the need to grow large amounts of thirsty grains for feed.

While adhering to common principles, agroecology enables us to develop solutions based on the local ecology, nutrition needs, agronomics, knowledge and experience. Our map shows that by putting together these seemingly small-scale local transformations we can construct new economic and social systems based on well being buen vivir, Ubuntu, etc.

This future is within reach, but requires brave governments with ingenuity that can find the best public policies to allow local solutions to flourish and scale up without forcing them to try and fit into an outdated model of agricultural development. There are many rich alternatives to destructive industrial agriculture.